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A Unified Employee Scheduling Data Format

Jeffrey H. Kingston

XESTT is an XML data format for defining instances and solutions of employee scheduling problems. It is an extension of XHSTT, the standard format for expressing instances and solutions of high school timetabling problems. Although the `ES' in XESTT stands for `employee scheduling', at present the XESTT project is limited to nurse rostering.

XESTT archives

An XESTT archive is an XML file containing any number of instances of the nurse rostering problem, together with any number of sets of solutions to those instances, all expressed in the XESTT format. The following archives, created by the NRConv program, are available here:

Download this whole site

You can download this whole site (the 20 January 2020 version) as a gzipped tar file (8M). It unpacks to directory xestt, containing the XESTT archives, and the source instances and solutions that the archives convert. File xestt/README explains what is where. The old (1 November 2018) version is here (8M).

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